Sunny Beaches Photoshop

We’re a family owned and operated salon.  We are proud to bring seven amazing tanning units using the best lamps to bring out your deepest tan, with a comfortable waiting area, warm welcome and smiles. Our wide array of lotions help you obtain that burst of color, or a beautiful “back from the beach” golden tan.

Taking pride in supplying the best lotions, and using the best tanning lamps is our way of saying that we care about you, and want you to look and feel your best. We sanititize your bed before and after your session, afterall, you are here to relax, not work.

Tanning is a process; we are here to educate you in the safe and effective way to tan, because if you burn, you will actually delay the process.  With a knowledgeable staff that is passionate about indoor tanning, feel free to ask any questions about the tanning process or lotions.  Our mission? We want to ensure that each time you are here, it’s a relaxing, awesome tanning experience.  We’re looking forward to seeing you and we welcome you to our Sunny Beaches family.